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Candy Cane

Greetings humans! Peppermint, the Top Shelf Elf, here to give you the low-down on all things festive.


So take a look through and see all of the yule time fun that you can be a part of! ENJOY!

Door Step Stops

I will personally drop by your doorstep to collect your Christmas List, test your knowledge with a fun festive quiz and congratulate you on all of the amazing things you have done to ensure your spot on the Nice List!


Virtual List Collection

You will receive a personal video call from none other than me, your Top Shelf Elf.​ I will collect your list, share some festive fun and check your Nice List credentials.


Personalised Video Message

How about a fun, pre-recorded video message personalised to you? Celebrating this year's triumphs and sharing a special message from the big guy!